Who We Are

We don’t just design high quality structures. That’s not enough. We design relationships with you that enhance your vision of the built environment.  

We want to walk away from the ribbon cutting without regrets knowing that we listened to you, came to the table with ideas and were with you from the first conceptual sketch to the final shop drawing. And all those pesky things that seem to linger after that! We want you to want to work with us again.

Our ideas are steeped in the most current state of the art of structural engineering and sustainability.  We expect you to expect that from us. Why wouldn’t we?  In addition to our wealth of structural engineering expertise, we also bring to you our extensive contributions to the rapidly developing concept of embodied carbon tracking of structural systems evidenced by our founder serving as chair and co-founder of the national SE 2050 commitment program. We hope the days without embodied carbon assessments are soon behind us. 

We have several decades of experience on a full range of projects from high rises and large facilities to the small and intricate. We can say without hesitation that we brought our passion of structural engineering to all of them and, for the most recent experience, our subject matter expertise of embodied carbon. Through all of that experience and innovation we also understand the practicalities of projects and place a primary focus on delivering value, both time and money. Let’s not waste either one.