Mission & Values

We are not your grandfather’s structural engineering firm.

(With all due respect to the amazing grandfathers out there!)

Candidly speaking, after our key service offerings, we consider ourselves to be in a relationship business.  Each project is an experience with people. People from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, skill sets, all at varying stages of their careers that have the full spectrum of interests, passions and day-to-day life challenges all coming together to improve the built environment. No small feat. 

We believe it’s in ours, yours, and the project’s best interest to not shy away from any of it while we provide innovative and sustainable engineering solutions that meet the needs of our clients and positively impact communities.

We strive to continuously improve our services through collaboration, creativity, and expertise, while prioritizing safety, quality, and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to be recognized as a trusted partner in the AEC industry, delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations and contribute to the advancement of our society.